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Beersbee: The Ultimate Frisbee Drinking Game



Beersbee Drinking Game

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Beersbee, the ultimate Frisbee drinking game that combines outdoor play, icy cold beers, and a dash of friendly competition. With origins traced back to the game of Fricket, Beersbee challenges players to throw a Frisbee strategically to knock off their opponent’s bottle from a stand. Gather your team of up to six players and let the games begin! While the game is designed to be enjoyed with drinks, non-alcoholic alternatives are encouraged.

Whether you purchase a set or build your own, Beersbee offers a scoring system that rewards skillful throws and catches while allowing modifications to include penalties, rewards, and additional drinking activities. So grab your poles, stands, bottles, and a Frisbee, and get ready to experience the captivating world of Beersbee. Plus, the website offers a variety of other drinking game options and rules to explore.

What You Need to Know About the Beersbee Drinking Game

Beersbee, also known as Bottle Bash and Polish Horseshoes, is a creative and exciting Frisbee drinking game that combines outdoor play with a little friendly competition. With origins from a game called Fricket, Beersbee has become popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The aim of the game is simple: throw a Frisbee in an attempt to knock off your opponent’s bottle from its stand.

Beersbee Game Setup

Equipment and Materials

To play Beersbee, you’ll need a few essential items. Firstly, you’ll need two sturdy poles or stands that are tall enough to hold a bottle high off the ground. These can be purchased or easily constructed using PVC piping or metal rods. Additionally, you’ll need empty bottles, which can be glass or plastic, and a Frisbee.

Building Your Own Game

Building your own Beersbee set can be a fun and rewarding experience if you prefer a hands-on approach. First, gather the necessary materials: two poles or stands, empty bottles, and a Frisbee. To construct the poles, cut PVC pipes or metal rods to your desired height and secure them firmly into the ground using stakes or other sturdy supports. Ensure that the poles are set up a suitable distance apart for gameplay. Attach the bottles to the poles’ top, ensuring they are securely fastened. Finally, choose a playing area and mark the boundaries.

Beersbee fun


Beersbee Game Rules

Game Rules

The basic rules of Beersbee are straightforward. Divide players into two teams, with one team at each pole. Each team takes turns throwing the Frisbee to hit the opponent’s bottle. The throwing team earns points if the bottle is successfully knocked off the pole. The defending team must catch the Frisbee or the bottle before it hits the ground to prevent the throwing team from scoring. Players must stay within their designated playing area during gameplay.

Modifying the Rules

One of the great things about Beersbee is that the rules can be modified to suit the players’ preferences. For example, you can establish different point values for hitting other parts of the opponent’s pole or bottle. You can also introduce penalties for various rule infractions or even rewards for exceptional throws or catches. Get creative with the rules and experiment with variations to keep the game exciting and fresh.

Penalties and Rewards

To add an extra element of excitement, you can incorporate penalties and rewards into your Beersbee game. For instance, if a player throws the Frisbee but misses the opponent’s bottle, they may be required to take a drink or perform a silly task as a penalty. Conversely, if a player successfully hits the opponent’s bottle or completes an outstanding catch, they may receive a reward such as exempting themselves from taking drinks or earning bonus points. Feel free to get imaginative with the penalties and tips to elevate the game to the next level.

Point System for Beersbee

Point Values for Throws and Catches

In Beersbee, successful throws and catches are rewarded with points. The point values can be predetermined and agreed upon before the game begins. For example, hitting the opponent’s bottle directly may earn a higher score than hitting the pole or knocking off the bottle without being caught. Catches made by the defending team can also be assigned point values based on difficulty. The scoring system adds an extra layer of strategic thinking to the game by giving different point values to specific actions.

Different Outcomes and Points

Beersbee offers a range of possible outcomes, each with its own associated points. Depending on the rules you establish, hitting the opponent’s bottle directly might be worth five points, while hitting the pole but not toppling the bottle could be worth three points. If the defending team catches the Frisbee but fails to catch the falling bottle, the throwing team may earn two points. These examples demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of the game, allowing players to tailor the scoring system to their liking.

Beersbee drinking game.


Number of Players

Team Size

Beersbee is traditionally played with teams consisting of two players each. Having a partner allows for coordinated gameplay and strategic decision-making. Communication and teamwork between teammates are critical components of success in the game. Players can develop strategies to outwit their opponents and increase their scoring chances by working together.

Maximum Number of Players

While Beersbee is commonly played with two-player teams, it can accommodate larger groups. To involve more players, you can have multiple teams competing against each other. With up to three players per team, Beersbee allows a maximum of six players on the field simultaneously. A larger number of participants can add an extra layer of excitement and competition to the game, making it a fantastic choice for social gatherings and parties.

Playing the Game

Throwing the Frisbee

In Beersbee, accuracy and technique are crucial when throwing the Frisbee. The throwing team aims to hit the opponent’s bottle precisely and forcefully. By carefully considering wind direction, distance, and angle, players can increase their chances of knocking off the bottle and scoring points. Practicing different throwing techniques, such as backhand throws or side-arm throws, can help players develop their skills and improve their overall aim.

Knocking off the Opponent’s Bottle

The primary objective of the throwing team is to knock off the opponent’s bottle from its stand using the Frisbee. Players must aim their throws strategically, considering the bottle’s height and position and successfully knocking off the bottle without it being caught by the defending team results in points for the throwing team. On the other hand, the defending team must be agile and skillful in catching the Frisbee and the bottle to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

The Beersbee Game For Parties


Drinking and Alternatives

Drinking While Playing

As the name suggests, Beersbee is designed to be played while enjoying a few drinks. It is a popular choice for social gatherings and parties where participants can engage in friendly competition while enjoying their favorite beverages. However, it’s essential to consume alcohol responsibly and be mindful of one’s limits. Encourage players to drink moderately and take breaks as needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

While Beersbee is traditionally played with alcoholic beverages, it can easily be adapted to include non-alcoholic alternatives. Instead of using alcoholic drinks, players can substitute them with refreshing non-alcoholic beverages like soda, fruit juices, or flavored water. This allows individuals who do not consume alcohol or prefer to abstain from drinking to still participate in the game and have an enjoyable experience. Various drink options are essential to cater to all participants’ preferences and needs.

Game Sets and DIY

Purchasing a Beersbee Set

For those who prefer convenience, there are Beersbee sets available for purchase. These sets typically include everything needed to play the game, including poles, stands, bottles, and a Frisbee. Purchasing a pre-made set can save time and effort, ensuring you have all the necessary components to play immediately. When selecting a Beersbee set, consider durability, portability, and overall quality to provide a long-lasting and enjoyable gaming experience.

Building Your Own Set

For those who enjoy DIY projects, building your own Beersbee set can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. As mentioned, constructing a Beersbee set requires poles or stands, bottles, and a Frisbee. You can create a personalized set that fits your preferences and style using materials such as PVC piping, metal rods, or repurposed items. Building your own set allows for customization and creativity while providing a unique sense of pride and accomplishment.


Game Variations

Different Versions of Beersbee

Beersbee is known for its flexibility and adaptability, making it possible to create various game versions to suit different preferences. Some variations may focus on specific rules, scoring methods, or gameplay objectives, adding exciting twists to the traditional game. These variations can range from altering the distance between poles to incorporating different throwing techniques or targets. Experiment with different versions and find the one best fits your group’s playing style and preferences.

Adding Additional Drinking Activities

To enhance the drinking experience in Beersbee, you can incorporate additional drinking activities into the game. For example, you can create rules requiring players to take sips or finish their drinks when certain events occur, such as when a player’s bottle is knocked off or fails to make a successful catch. These drinking games can add extra fun and lightheartedness to the game, creating memorable moments and fostering camaraderie among players.


In conclusion, Beersbee is undoubtedly the ultimate frisbee drinking game that combines fun, skill, and a little friendly competition. Whether you’re a casual weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this game has something for everyone. The thrill of throwing that perfect frisbee shot, the excitement of knocking off the bottle, and the enjoyment of sipping on your favorite brew. It’s the ideal way to bring friends together, create lasting memories, and have a great time.

So gather your squad, set up your poles, and let the Beersbee games begin! Cheers to endless fun and unforgettable moments!

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