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The 16 Best Outdoor Games for Summer



16 Best Yard Games

In this article, you’ll learn about the 16 best outdoor games for summer. We’ll cover popular games like cornhole, paddle racquet, and pickleball. Factors like the number of players, terrain, and difficulty level were considered when selecting these games.

The Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set is recommended as the best overall outdoor game. In contrast, the GoSports Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set is recommended as the best portable option. The Pro Kadima Beach Paddles and the Street Racket Two-Player Racquet Set are the best paddle racquet games.


Looking for some fun outdoor games to play this summer? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the 16 best outdoor games that are perfect for summer gatherings with friends and family. Whether you’re looking for games for large groups, kids or unique games that will stand out at any party, we’ve got you covered. So grab your sunscreen, gather your loved ones, and get ready to have a blast with these exciting outdoor games!

Factors to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Games

Before we dive into the list of the best outdoor games for summer, let’s take a moment to discuss some important factors to consider when selecting a game.

Number of players

One of the first things to consider is the number of players participating in the game. Some games are designed for larger groups, while others are more suitable for smaller gatherings. Choosing a game that can accommodate the number of players you have is essential.


The terrain of your outdoor playing area is another crucial factor to remember. Some games require a flat surface, while others can be played on various terrain such as grass, sand, or concrete. Select a game suitable for the terrain you’ll be playing on.

Difficulty level

Consider the skill level of the players participating in the game. Some games are more challenging and may require advanced skills, while others are more casual and beginner-friendly. It’s essential to choose a game that matches the skill level and abilities of the players involved.

Now that we’ve covered the essential factors to consider let’s jump into the list of the 16 best outdoor games for summer!

The 16 Best Outdoor Games for Summer

The Best Overall Outdoor Game

GoSports Cornhole Pro Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set

If you’re looking for the best outdoor game, look no further than the GoSports Cornhole Pro Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set. This classic game is a crowd favorite and perfect for summer gatherings. The set includes two durable wooden boards with a smooth surface and eight bean bags. The boards are regulation size, making them great for both casual and competitive play. This game is easy to learn, fun for all ages, and can be played in various settings, making it a must-have for your summer activities.

The Best Portable Outdoor Game

GoSports Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set

If you’re looking for a portable outdoor game you can take wherever you go, the GoSports Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set is a perfect choice. This lightweight and compact game set is easy to transport and set up, allowing you to enjoy a game of cornhole no matter where your summer adventures take you. The set includes two PVC-framed boards and eight bean bags. The boards are collapsible, making it convenient to store and carry. This game is great for tailgating, camping trips, beach outings, and more.

The 16 Best Outdoor Games for Summer

The Best Paddle Racquet Games

Pro Kadima Beach Paddles

For paddle racquet games, the Pro Kadima Beach Paddles are highly recommended. This game set includes two wooden paddles and a ball, perfect for a beach day or outdoor gathering. The paddles are made of high-quality wood and feature a comfortable grip, allowing you to play for hours without discomfort. Pro Kadima is a versatile game that can be played on various terrain, making it a great choice for summer fun.

Street Racket Two-Player Racquet Set

Another fantastic paddle racquet game is the Street Racket Two-Player Racquet Set. This set includes two durable racquets and a ball. The racquets are made of high-quality materials and designed for optimal performance and durability. Whether you’re playing on a street, a park, or a beach, this game will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults.

Other Recommended Outdoor Games

In addition to the best overall outdoor and portable outdoor games, several other outdoor games are worth considering for your summer activities. These games offer a variety of fun and excitement for players of all ages.


Pickleball is a popular game that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It can be played indoors or outdoors and is suitable for players of all skill levels. The game is played with a paddle and a plastic ball, and the objective is to hit the ball over the net without letting it touch the ground on your side.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced and exhilarating team sport played with a flying disc. It combines elements of football and soccer, requiring players to pass the disc to their teammates to score points. Ultimate Frisbee is an excellent game for building teamwork, communication, and endurance.


KanJam is a disc-throwing game that involves teamwork and accuracy. The game’s goal is to throw the disc into a specially designed can, either directly or with the help of your teammate. KanJam is easy to learn, highly addictive, and can be played in your backyard, at the beach, or at a park.

Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss is a fun and challenging game that requires accuracy and strategy. The game is played with two ladders and a set of bolas, two balls connected by a string. The objective is to throw the bolas and wrap them around the ladder’s rungs. The team or player with the most points wins at the game’s end.


Spikeball is an exciting and fast-paced game that can be played with teams of two or four. The game aims to spike the ball onto a net so that it bounces back toward your opponent, who must return the ball before it touches the ground. Spikeball is a great game for improving hand-eye coordination and agility.

Croquet Game

Outdoor Games for Large Groups

If you’re planning a summer gathering with a large group, here are two outdoor games perfect for accommodating a big crowd.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic game that is ideal for large groups. The game is played by dividing players into two teams and setting up a playing area with a clearly defined boundary. Each team has a flag they must protect while attempting to capture the opposing team’s flag. The team successfully captures the flag and brings it back to their territory winning the game.


Kickball is a popular game similar to baseball but with a twist. Players kick the ball with their feet instead of using a bat to hit the ball. The game can be played with teams of any size and is suitable for players of all ages. Kickball is a great game for promoting teamwork, coordination, and friendly competition.

Outdoor Games for Kids

If you’re looking for outdoor games designed for kids, here are three fun and engaging options.

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose is a classic children’s game played in a circle. One player is chosen as the “goose” and walks around the ring, tapping each player’s head and saying “duck.” When the goose taps a player’s head and says “goose,” that player must chase the goose around the circle. The goal is for the goose to return to the empty spot in the circle before getting tagged by the chasing player.


Tag is a timeless game that can be played in various forms. The game’s objective is for one player to chase and tag another player, who then becomes “it” and must continue chasing and tagging other players. Tag can be played in an open area or with designated boundaries and can be modified to include various rules and variations.

Tug of War

Tug of War is a classic team game that requires strength and coordination. The game is played by dividing players into two teams and having them stand on opposite sides of a rope. The objective is for each team to pull the cord towards their side, trying to make the opposing team lose their balance and get pulled over to their side. Tug of War is excellent for promoting teamwork and friendly competition among kids.

Jumbo Jenga Yard Game
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Unique Outdoor Games

If you want to add some unique and exciting games to your summer activities, here are two options that will stand out.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a larger-than-life version of the classic block-stacking game. The game is played vertically with oversized wooden blocks to create a tower. Players take turns removing one block at a time from the tower and placing it on top without causing the tower to collapse. Giant Jenga is a great game for testing your steadiness and strategy.


Yardzee is a fun twist on the classic dice game Yahtzee. The game is played with oversized dice rolled onto a playing area. Players take turns rolling the dice and trying to get specific combinations, such as three of a kind or a straight. Yardzee can be played with a scorecard, and the player with the highest score at the end of the game wins. This game is perfect for outdoor gatherings and can be easily customized to fit your preferences.


With the summer season in full swing, it’s time to make the most of the great outdoors by engaging in fun and exciting outdoor games. Whether you’re planning a family gathering, a barbecue with friends, or simply looking to spend a sunny afternoon outside, the 16 best outdoor games mentioned in this article will provide endless entertainment and create lasting memories. From classics like cornhole and paddle racquet games to unique options like Giant Jenga and Yardzee, there’s a game for everyone to enjoy. So gather your loved ones, head outside, and let the summer fun begin!


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