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Frolf 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the Disc Golf Game




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Do you enjoy playing frisbee but want a new twist on the classic game? Look no further than Frolf, also known as frisbee golf. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Frolf, including its history, rules, equipment, benefits, and more.

Frolf is a game similar to disc golf that can be played anywhere, promoting creativity and social interaction. Unlike Disc Golf, which has formal rules and courses, Frolf can be played with any number of players and targets, allowing for flexibility and experimentation.

Frolf 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the Disc Golf Game

  • Frolf is a freeform game played with a Frisbee disc.
  • The objective is to throw the disc into a designated target.
  • Frolf offers physical and mental health benefits, can be played by people of all ages and fitness levels, and has a growing competitive scene.

How to Play Frolf

The Objective of the Game

Frolf aims to throw a frisbee disc into a designated target, such as a tree, pole, or basket. The target is the “hole,” and players aim to complete the course in the fewest throws possible.

Frolf 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Disc Golf Game

Required Equipment

Players need a frisbee disc, which can be purchased at any sporting goods store or online. Three types of frisbee discs are used in Frolf: drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. Each disc type has a different flight pattern, speed, and stability, allowing for precise throws over varying distances and obstacles.

Set Up and Rules

Players can set up targets to create a Frolf course and designate them as the “holes.” The course can be as long or as short as the players want, with the number of holes determined by the players. The only standing rule in Frolf is the “Spirit of the Game,” which emphasizes respect and non-competitiveness. Other rules can be discussed and negotiated by the players.


Scoring in Frolf is based on the number of throws it takes to complete the course. The player with the lowest number of throws at the end of the game wins. Each throw is counted as one point, except the first throw, called the “drive.” If the drive lands within a certain distance of the target, known as the “putting circle,” the player can attempt to “putt” the disc into the target with one throw.

Frolf 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Disc Golf Game

Equipment Needed for Frolf

Types of Frisbee Discs

Drivers are used for long-distance throws, mid-range discs for throws between 50 and 250 feet, and putters for short-distance throws.

Homemade and Portable Targets

Players can create their targets using materials such as PVC pipe, metal rods, or cardboard boxes. Portable targets are also available, which can be set up and taken down quickly and easily.

Accessories for Frolf

Accessories for Frolf include bags and carts for carrying discs, towels for cleaning discs and gloves for grip. Some players also use scorecards and pencils to keep track of scores.

Frolf 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Disc Golf Game

Frolf Community

Frolf Clubs

Frolf clubs are groups of players who share a passion for the game and organize local games and events. These clubs often have regular meetups, tournaments, and resources for players, such as course maps, scorecards, and tips for improving their game.

Online Communities and Resources

Several online resources exist for Frolf players, including websites and forums where players can connect, share tips, and organize games. These resources also provide information on Frolf courses and tournaments around the world.

Importance of Social Play and Acceptance

Frolf emphasizes the importance of social play and acceptance, with players encouraged to respect each other and the environment. The game promotes a sense of community and encourages players to develop their skills and have fun.

Frolf 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Disc Golf Game

Benefits of Frolf

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Frolf provides a number of physical and mental health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased coordination and balance, and reduced stress levels. The game can also improve mental focus and concentration, as players must analyze the course and make strategic decisions about their throws.

Family and Group Activity

Frolf is an excellent activity for families and groups, allowing people of all ages to play together. It is a fun and accessible game that can be played in parks, on beaches, or even in the backyard.

Connection with Nature

Frolf allows players to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the environment. It provides an opportunity to explore new places and experience the beauty of nature.

Frolf Etiquette

Respect for Other Players and the Environment

Frolf emphasizes respect for other players and the environment. Players should avoid littering and damaging the course and refrain from disturbing other players during throws.

Safety Precautions

Frolf requires players to be aware of their surroundings and take precautions to avoid injury. Players should always check their surroundings before throwing and never throw a disc if they risk hitting another player or object.

Proper Behavior During the Game

Frolf emphasizes fair play and good sportsmanship. Players should be courteous to other players, follow the game’s rules, and avoid cheating.

Frolf 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Disc Golf Game

Frolf Tournaments and Competitions

Types of Frolf Competitions

Frolf competitions can be individual or team events and can be played on courses of varying lengths and difficulties. Some competitions may require players to use only certain types of discs or to follow specific rules or scoring systems.

Famous Frolf Tournaments

Several famous Frolf tournaments are held worldwide, including the United States Disc Golf Championship and the European Open. These tournaments attract some of the best Frolf players in the world, allowing players to showcase their skills and compete against other players.

The Future of Competitive Frolf

Frolf is a rapidly growing sport, with millions of players worldwide. As the sport continues to gain popularity, there is potential for increased recognition and support from sports organizations and sponsors. The future of competitive Frolf looks bright, with the potential for more tournaments and events in the years to come.

Personal Story: How Frolf Helped Me Connect with Nature

As someone who spends most of their time indoors, I never thought I would find myself playing a game that involves being outside for hours. However, after a friend introduced me to Frolf, I quickly realized that I had been missing out on the beauty of nature.

During my first game of Frolf, I was struck by the stunning scenery of the course. I was utterly immersed in the environment, taking in the sights and sounds of the trees, wildlife, and fresh air. As I played, I felt a sense of calm and relaxation that I had never experienced before.

Since then, I’ve made it a point to play Frolf regularly, and it has become one of my favorite outdoor activities. It provides a great workout and a fun way to socialize with friends and has also helped me appreciate nature more.

Playing Frolf has inspired me to explore new parks and trails, and I look forward to each game as a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It has been a life-changing experience, and I would encourage anyone who wants to connect with nature to try Frolf.

People Also Ask

How is Frolf different from Disc Golf?

Frolf vs Disc Golf are similar games, but some key differences exist. Frolf is a more freeform and flexible game, while Disc Golf has formalized rules and courses. Frolf can be played anywhere with any number of targets, while Disc Golf requires specific targets and courses.

What are the basic rules of Frolf?

The basic rules of Frolf are simple: throw the frisbee disc into the designated target in as few throws as possible. The player with the lowest number of throws at the end of the game wins.

How do I choose the right frisbee disc for Frolf?

Choosing the right frisbee disc for Frolf depends on several factors, including your skill level, throwing style, and the course conditions. Drivers are used for long-distance throws, mid-range discs for throws between 50 and 250 feet, and putters for short-distance throws.

Is Frolf a suitable activity for people of all ages and fitness levels?

Frolf is an excellent activity for people of all ages and fitness levels. The game can be modified to suit players’ preferences and abilities and can be played at any pace.


Frolf is a fun, flexible, and accessible game that can be played anywhere with any number of players. It promotes positive social interaction, emphasizes respect and non-competitiveness, and provides many physical and mental health benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, Frolf is an excellent activity for families, groups, and individuals. So grab a frisbee, find a target, and start playing today!

Tee PadThe starting point for each hole. It is usually a flat surface of concrete, gravel, dirt, or rubber.
TargetThe designated object that the player must hit is the frisbee disc. It can be a pole, basket, tree, or any other object that can catch the disc.
FairwayThe area between the tee pad and the target. It is usually a clear path that the player must navigate to reach the target.
ObstaclesNatural or man-made objects that add difficulty to the game. They can be trees, bushes, rocks, water, or any other obstacle the player must navigate around or over.
ParThe expected number of throws it should take to complete the hole. It is determined based on the distance and difficulty of the hole.
Course MapA course map shows each hole’s location, tee pad, and target. Players can use it to navigate the course and keep track of scores.


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